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"Precis E-business has always been able to accommodate any request for change or modification that we required at Planet Office Furniture.  The professional team of personnel monitors the system and activity as if Planet Office Furniture was their own business."

- Dennis, VP Operations, Planet Office Furniture

Precis Arrow IconTurning rich product content into E-business since 1997

For nearly two decades, we have been designing and deploying robust e-business solutions in industries and for customers world-wide through our semi-custom delivery model.  Our unique Precis E-business Platform™ extends product content investments into rich customer experiences including B2C ecommerce, B2B Ecommerce,  Product Content Syndication and Mobile, The platform can be adapted to meet your exact business requirements, yet it is still modular enough to get you up and running quickly at a fraction of the cost of other similar solutions.

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