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Commerce Manager Features

Ecommerce Platform DashboardThese days, customers expect to do business with you through the Web. Having a robust and user friendly storefront is no longer a luxury, it's a requirement to stay competitive.   The commerce management features of the Precis E-business Platform have been designed to take every ecommerce scenario into account.  Based on the needs of your customers and your staff, solutions may be crafted to fit even the most complex and challenging scenarios.

  • Manage both B2C and B2B ecommerce in a single ecommerce platform
  • A multitude of customer experience features to make ordering easy
  • Robust reporting to identify bottlenecks and score overall performance
 Ecommerce Platform Features
 Order Fulfillment and Workflow
Split Orders into Multiple Shipments Adjust Totals, Credits, and Debits
Manage Back Orders Returns Management
Pick Slips  Gift Receipts
Bar Codes Multi-Phase Fulfillment Workflow
Email Order Acknowledgement and Receipts Email Shipping Notifications
Assign Tasks and Activities Append Notes to Orders
Commerce Analytics and Reporting
 Item/Order Profitability Order Source and Click Path
Shopping Cart Conversion Analysis Revenue by Source
Revenue Breakdown by Rep Revenue Trends and Comparisons
Order Conversion Rate by Product Order Conversion Rate by Source
Most Popular/Profitable Products Back Order Reporting
Inventory Reporting and Alerts Product Data Integrity Reporting
 Data Management
 Export Order Data via Web Services Export Sales Receipts and Invoices to QuickBooks™
Mass Update Pricing Import New Products and SKUs
Shopping Experience
Product Search Bulk Order by Item Number
Secure Checkout Estimate Shipping and Tax at Shopping Cart
Order by Diagram Persistent Shopping Cart
Select from Multiple SKUs or Options Apply Coupons and Discounts
Create Account or Guest Checkout Save/Select Multiple Ship-to Addresses
Save Order as Quote Adjust Shopping Cart Contents
Customer Self Service
Secure My Account Section View Order History
View Item History Create a Return
Manage Address Book Re-Order
Manage Contact/Account Information Manage Passwords and Credentials
Retrieve Shipment Tracking Information Forgot Password
Search Product Knowledge Base (Documentation, FAQs) Set Subscription Preferences
PCI Compliant Payment Gateway Accept Purchase Orders
Accept all Major Credit Cards Manage Store Credits
PayPal Integration Sales Order Entry (Cash, Mail Orders)
Capture or Sale and Checkout Fraud Checking and GEO-IP Verification
Calculate Triple-Nexus Tax Rules Export Tax Collection Reports
Set Unlimited Jurisdictions Set Tax Rules by Product Family
Real time Integration with Major Carriers Set Shipping Rules by Product Family
Set Shipping Overrides and Priorities Send Tracking Numbers to Customers
Set Shipping Rules by Weights and Values Override Shipping for Special Products (HAZMAT, Heavy, LTL)


E Business Platform

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