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An All-in-One E-business Platform

Features and modules to handle every aspect of e-business

Depending on roles and permissions you set for your E-business, specialized features and modules become available - each designed to meet specific requirements and peform specific tasks.   Each implementation of the Precis E-business Platform is unique to every customer, yet the common set of tools allow us to deliver enterprise level functionality quickly and cost effectively.  Explore the modules and functionalities of the Precis E-business Platform:

Precis Commerce Manager

Commerce Manager

Conduct B2B and B2C sales in a single Ecommerce Platform.


Precis Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Consolidate email marketing, analytics, blogging and advertising.


Precis Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Empower your sales team to enter orders and create quotes.

Precis Service Manager

Service Manager

Streamline service and support with a robust knowledge base and electronic parts catalog.


Workflow and Permissions manager

Product Manager

Manage multiple catalogs, pricing levels, inventory, items, raw materials, kits, assemblies and more.

Precis Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Manager (CRM)

Streamline your organization and better serve your customers.


Precis Content Manager

Web Content Manager

Manage every aspect of your Web site and create search engine friendly content.


Precis Leads Manager

Lead Manager

Capture and track sales leads.  Turn leads into customers.


Integrate your E-business with your back office, ERP and accounting.