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Sales Manager Features

hosted sales force automation dashboard

The Precis E-business Platform'shosted sales force automation features empower your sales reps to get the most out of every account and relationship.  With every piece of important information just a mouse click away, your reps are able to see past purchase history, marketing responses, service case history and key account contacts.   Reps are able to move new accounts through the entire process from initial inquiry/lead, to opportunity, to quote to sale.  Reps can also book phone in orders through a structured selling process including cross sell and up sell options.

  • Track sales opportunities, key activities and forecasts
  • Create and follow up on quotes
  • Enter off-line sales into the main commerce workflow for seamless fulfillment
  • Identify customer buying patterns and high value accounts
  • Identify and save abandoned shopping carts
Sales Force Automation Features by Type
Sales Order Entry
Enable Reps to Place Orders on Behalf of Customers Accept Phone, Walk-in and Mail Orders
Consolidate Order Data to a Single Source Re-Order on Behalf of Customers
Advance Web Orders to Completion Cross Sell and Up Sell Phone in Orders
Quoting and Forecasting
Allow Customers to Save Carts Contents to Quotes Turn Quotes into Orders
Push Quotes to Customers via My Account Section  Forecast Quote and Funnel Value 
View Abandoned Shopping Carts Set Auto Reminders and Incentives for Abandoned Carts
 Customer Order Recency Customer Lifecycle Value


E Business Platform

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Customer Success

"I, and my company, have been working in partnership with Precis for nearly a year. What has been truly remarkable about our partnership is that we've never met face-to-face, nor do we have a 30 lb. formal contract. Yet, from the first time I spoke with their President, I got the sense that he operated with honesty, integrity, high energy, and enthusiasm. Working with Precis over the past year has more than proved that my initial impressions were correct. When they say something will happen, take it to the bank."

- Adam, VP, Wistia