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The Precis E-business Platform™

A truly unique E-business Solution

An integrated suite of hosted e-business solutions, the Precis E-Business Platform™ streamlines E-business through increased efficiencies between ecommerce, sales, marketing and customer service. By "connecting the dots" between all aspects of a successful E-business through a rich product content management foundation, Precis offers superior ROI, quicker time to market, and a deeper feature set than any other hosted platform on the market today.

Unrivaled Features and Benefits

Key to understanding the value in the Precis E-business Platform is in understanding that everything you need is in a single solution with a single data source.  This "all in one" approach to e-business streamlines operations and creates efficiencies and savings.  By combining all important tools needed in a single solution, customers lower expenses and get more out of their e-business by gaining a clear understading of exactly how their customers interact with their products.  Ultimately this methodology leads to higher conversion rates and more revenue.

Key Features of the Precis E-business Platform Include:

  • Robust product content management system including complex fitment configurations
  • Feature-rich ecommerce engine including inventory, pricing levels and pricing contracts
  • Full suite of marketing tools including email marketing, analytics, ad tracking, blogging and SEO tools
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales lead capture and routing
  • Knowledge base
  • Digital asset management
  • Quoting and sales order entry
  • High performance, PCI compliant cloud infrastructure

...All of this in a single solution with a single point of accountability.  Take a feature tour to learn more.

built to handle complex ecommerce scenarios

Depending on the audience, the way in which you sell your products will differ based on a variety of circumstances. Does a particular repair part only fit certain vehicles? Has one product been replaced with another? Are there certain quantity restrictions or bulk purchasing discounts? Can only certain customers order certain items? No problem. The Precis E-business Platform allows for the management and delivery of several ecommerce user experiences from a single management vantage point. 

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Connect Your Back Office, Accounting System and Inventory

Precis comes equipped with a complete set of SOAP/XML web services that allow you to connect your back office systems to your E-business with ease.   Inventory levels, pricing, contracts, and new products can be synchronized with every channel in real time.  As well, all new orders, quotes and customer interactions can be retrieved and inserted into your back office in real time through our PCI certified E-business Cloud.

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 Strategic services to back it all up

What good is a great platform without a great partner?   In additional to our incredible E-business Platform we provide expert consulting and strategic services designed to make the most of our relationship. Whether you need help in optimizing your product content, understanding your competition or just day-to-day help, we can craft a relationship based service level to make sure you are always one step ahead of the competition.

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