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Solutions and Business Model

We've been helping clients just like you since 1997 - that is an eternity in E-business.   Our processes and products have been refined, tested and improved hundreds of times.   Our team has been assembled to address every aspect of your e-business and simplify your day-to-day e-business strategy through our experience. 

As you narrow down your selection process for an E-business Solutions Provider, you'll be sure to hear all sorts of differing opinions about the hosted model vs. installed, open source, etc, etc.  As you wade through the mountains of acronyms and sales pitches, please consider ours.


Browser-Based E-business Solutions

The Precis E-business Platform may be completely accessed through a browser. That’s it. So there’s no need for a hardware investment, infrastructure maintenance, a costly integration effort or systems administrators. Yet you retain complete access to the full power and direction of your E-business with the click of a mouse.


No Hardware

Since the Precis E-business Platform uses the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, there is no hardware for you to buy, maintain, license or eventually replace.  As part of your subscription, we cover the burden of hardware cost and replacement.


No Software

Software licensing can be expensive.  By eliminating this large expense, you can now redirect funds to more important initiatives such as growing your e-business.


No Experience Required

If you can write an email, you can manage your E-business.  Each module is designed to be easy to use and requires no experience beyond knowledge of your own products and services.


Single Point of Accountability

By providing everything you need in a single product and relationship, your return on investment will be quicker, costs lower, and efficiencies greater.  You'll also gain greater understanding of your e-business by finding the correlation between sales, marketing, service and commerce.


vs. Open Source

Sure the source code may be free, or very inexpensive, but by the time you hire a development team, buy hardware, etc, you'll be underwater quickly.  Ongoing support, feature requests, hosting/hardware and fixes can add up quick.  The hosted model takes all of these difficult issues off the table.


vs. Build Your Own

Sometimes building a custom solution is a must for special or complex requirements.  However, why reinvent the wheel when solutions such as the Precis E-business Platform already exist?  Our Platform contains hundreds of useful tools and features that can be used day one at a fraction of the cost of building them yourself.


Depth of Features

We've been working on the product since 1997.  Since then we have developed solutions for business in dozens of industries.  Chances are we have already developed, tested and refined every feature that you need to run a successful e-business.  Best of all, we've connected all the tools to function as a single system.


Total Cost of Ownership

When you add it all up, it's not even close.  Your monthly subscription with Precis will be a fraction of the cost of staffing developers, designers, marketers and depreciating hardware.  Through our simple subscription model you'll know exactly what to expect every month without surprises.


Ease of Integration

Through our standardized Web services XML/SOAP middleware, we can publish and accept external data from just about any system including accounting packages, ERPs, shipping software and more. 

Why Precis?

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Customer Success

"As a content rich site, I depend upon search engine rankings to build my business. I tried optimizing the site myself, but found I was spending too much time and getting unsatisfactory results. The Precis team has the know how to build my rankings and I can spend my time on the more enjoyable parts of my business."

- Rick, Owner, Running Planet