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The Precis Difference

There are a myriad of "point solutions" on the market today offering to send marketing emails, track your visitors, sell your product - the list goes on and on.  Each of these "solutions" creates a new island of data that is nearly impossible to correlate and understand. Plus, you are most likely paying for each product separately.  The fees just keep adding up. Each "solution" is likely creating more problems in managing your E-business than it is solving.    While performing your evaluation, please consider the following:


How long has the partner been in business?  How mature is the platform and technology used?  Precis has been in business since 1997 and has crafted and designed E-business solutions for clients all over the world.  The Precis E-business Platform has been in existence since 2000.  We have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since day one.


What Does it REALLY Cost? 

The devil is in the details.  What may seem as a simple one-time software license, or even a free open-source system, often requires an army of developers and a room full of hardware to bring to market.  Using the Software as a Service model, the price you see is the price you pay.  Your monthly subscription fee grants you access to a suite of tools and infrastructure usually reserved for the big enterprise.   Furthermore, as technology changes, it is not your responsibility to keep up - it is ours.


How Long Will it Take?

By using a known and existing e-business solution, all expensive development and data modeling is complete at project start.  Think of it as building a semi-custom home where you can change and design the personality of the home, but the foundation is already poured.  This modular approach affords us the ability to create great looking and very powerful e-business solutions at a very economical price and much shorter turn around time.



Does your partner have the ability to add custom features or integrate with your current back-office systems?  If so, what does it cost?  Are third party tools and resources required?  The Precis E-business includes a robust SOAP/XML API which allows communication, back and forth, with just about any system that can export or import data in a standardized format.  The features and controls used to build your website have dozens of options and overrides should your requirements include complexities that we have not already thought of.

Support and Service

Does your partner also offer services to help you grow your E-business? Do they understand search engine optimization and Web marketing? Or, are they just there to sell you a product and move onto the next deal?  Each implementation of the Precis E-business Platform comes with a relationship between our team and yours.  We'll get to know your products, your culture and your goals so you can focus on growing your business with our support.


How easy is the platform to use?  Can your marketing team collaborate with IT to promote your business, or does an engineer have to manage everything?  The Precis E-business Platform was designed through a collaboration of engineers, code-geeks, and marketers to insure that everyone in your organization can use the system.   When everyone is pulling in the same direction, the acceptance rate is higher and results are better.

In the end, choosing your E-business Partner is a decision that will have massive impact on your company.

Why Precis?

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Customer Success

"The Precis dashboard and reporting console provide more than enough insight to make intelligent marketing decisions."

- Jason,  E-commerce Mananger, Melton International Tackle