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User Experience Design

Achieve the perfect balance between form and function

Key to creating the optimal user experience is understanding Website usability.  If you design your Web site for the user, you will see better conversion rates, more repeat visitors and better organic search engine rankings.

Finding the right balance between form and function can be a difficult task. Throw in Web marketing and search engine optimization campaigns and you've got yourself a pretty complex situation to juggle.

Precis understands this delicate balance and can not only help your new Website work at the highest level, but also guide your existing website for improvements.  Think about it - improving your conversion rate from 2% to 3% will increase your top line by 50%. - that is sure to improve the bottom line.

Persona and User Experience Development

Understanding who is using your Website and the task or result they seek to accomplish is key to converting visitors into customers.  Through our discovery process we are able to identify your visitors, their needs, their expectations and formuate the ideal user experience to turn visitors into customers.

RESPONSIVE GUI (Graphical User Interface) Design

Capturing the personality and culture of your organization is a key to creating trust with your new and existing customers - regardless of their device of choice.  During our design process, our design team will customize the "front end" of your Website to reflect your brand as well as guide the user to conversion.

Product Merchandizing and Presentation

The way in which you present your product can make all the difference between buying and just browsing.  We'll work with you to present your products in the best and most effective manner including diagrams, grids, inventory levels, additional product images and more.

Landing Page Design

A good and engaging landing page can super charge your advertising campaigns in to sales machines - simply sending traffic to your Website or straight to product pages may not do the trick.  Customers expect to be courted and convinced that they have arrived at the right place to make their purchase.


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Customer Success

"As a content rich site, I depend upon search engine rankings to build my business. I tried optimizing the site myself, but found I was spending too much time and getting unsatisfactory results. The Precis team has the know how to build my rankings and I can spend my time on the more enjoyable parts of my business."

- Rick, Owner, Running Planet