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Profitable E-business SolutionsProfitable

E-business Solutions

Grow your E-business with a proven partner.

We've been designing and developing successful ecommerce Websites since the 1990's - well before Google, the iPhone or any of today's newest implements.  We've sold everything online from bricks to coffee to fishing lures to spoons to events.  The Precis E-business Platform has been designed and refined over time to accommodate even the most challenging ecommerce scenario and the most challenging product configurations.

Product content management

Product Content Management

Manage complex fitment data and rich product content through a powerful Product Content Management (PCM) System.   Serial numbers, support documentation, video and more all managed in a single hosted application.  Sell the right products to the right people - right now.

Product Content Syndication

Product Content Syndication

How great would it be if not only your Web site was selling your products, but dozens of others as well?  Through our powerful XML/SOAP Web services, product content can be syndicated and consumed by other Web sites with ease.  This unique capability allows you to monetize product content, control presentation and standards while allowing others in your distribution channel to benefit from your product content investment.

B2C Ecommerce

B2C / RETAIL Ecommerce

Expand your business to millions of shoppers with a a well crafted Business-to-Consumer Web store.  Every year, ecommerce sales grow at an amazing clip.  Shoppers expect to be able to research and purchase products online and avoid busy stores and the hassle of normal retail shopping.   A well crafted Web store is essential for the survival of every business.

B2B Ecommerce

B2B / WHOLESALE Ecommerce

How much time and money would you save if your customers used the Web to re-order parts, accessories and other products?  Anymore, your customers expect to have the option of ordering online - enable them with custom pricing levels, custom product catalogs and show them that you value their business by crafting a Business-to-Business ecommerce portal designed specifically with their needs in mind.

Mobile Ecommerce

Mobile Ecommerce

Extend the reach of your e-business into the rapidly growing mobile market.   Using the multiple site capabiltiy of the Precis E-business Platform, your product content and assets can be leveraged across both traditional and mobile web sites creating the maximum amount of availability to your target audience.




E Business Solutions

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Customer Success

"The Precis dashboard and reporting console provide more than enough insight to make intelligent marketing decisions."

- Jason,  E-commerce Mananger, Melton International Tackle